About Us


Woodworkz initially started as a means for its owner Stuart MacLeod to produce high quality timber for his own purposes. However, by word of mouth news has spread to professional cabinet makers, local builders and boatbuilders. 


We extract Scottish hardwoods on a small scale, using our Unimog with a 20 tonne metre crane and a 7 tonne winch. The timber is then taken to our yard in Lochcarron for milling and drying.


The mill is a Timberking 2200 which is capable of handling logs up to 6.5m long and 840mm wide. Beyond those dimensions we can Logosol logs up to approximately1400mm diameter, this is more time consuming, but can still produce those one-off large boards, for spectacular tables and bar tops.


We have two kilns at the present time a Woodmiser and a Sauno kiln (for small parcels). Woodworkz is at present sourcing a new kiln from Germany that is computer controlled and will be able to produce high quality timber in a shorter period.


Also, we are in the process of grading all our boards to a Forestry Commission publication standard. There are up to eight different grades for each species. At a later date we will also have photographs of each board or board group on the web site.


We can extract trees from a large part of the north-west of Scotland, through our database system we can now supply boards with a provenance from their original location. Sometimes we can also provide photographs of the trees in their original location and sometimes pictures of the actual log extraction process.