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About Us / Environmental Policy

Woodworkz initially was started to fulfil Stuart’s requirement for good quality timber for his hobby of cabinet-making. Finding properly kiln-dried hard woods meant travelling far afield to buy a suitable consignment. Most Inverness-based companies’ operatives were surprised at the use of a moisture meter!

That was in 2002 when the Lumbermate 2000 mill was bought. There followed a number of transformations in situation and activity but after a revue in 2013/14 by two gents calling themselves The Company Creators (through the Association of Scottish Hardwood Sawmillers - ASHS) the current plan developed; concentrate on timber only.

Woodworkz is one of only 2 timber businesses in ASHS to only produce timber for sale without our own requirement to make something with what we produce. Woodworkz is the only company in ASHS to actually extract timber and with large premises we will be able to stockpile timber for forwarding to other ASHS users.

With our almost unique situation in the NW we are some distance from ‘normal’ sources of supply so the strategy of acquiring timber ourselves was born. It actually started with Stuart individually towing a 2te crane trailer (a military off-road trailer) to site to pick up logs.

Now with the purchase of a new mill (2014) and the Unimog (2016) Woodworkz is opening up many different horizons, with kiln-dried Scottish hardwoods and air-dried softwoods going to buyers near and far. This includes European Larch for boatbuilding, and timber for other decorative uses. We aim to produce the best quality furniture/joinery timber in the North of Scotland with the imminent purchase of high-tech kilns.

The existing site on the industrial estate to the East of Lochcarron is quickly becoming restrictive by its size. We are looking to develop a site within the Kirkton Wood area east of the village and negotiations will be entered into very soon. With more space and the ability to design a purpose-made production facility we aim to reduce the waste of timber in the North and increase awareness of what can be done with decent hard woods and Douglas Fir and European Larch.

Environmental Policy

Trees improve the quality of the air, improve water retention, have an aesthetic value and provide a habitat for wildlife. An average one acre of new forest can sequester 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide annually.

That said, there is a worldwide requirement for timber, to the extent that the Chinese government is now employing thousands of troops to plant young trees in their country to help combat their pollution. Against that the UK is the least forested country in Europe and the attitude of many in this country is to disregard trees, operate with a short-term attitude to them and only consider them as a source of firewood.

Wood has many uses in day to day life. There is greater requirement now in this country, and especially in the Highlands, for timber framed and/or timber clad houses. So, our local resources have to be used wisely. It makes sense when considering it is a renewable resource, but it still has to be managed.

Woodworkz uses trees that are mainly windblown or dead, dying or dangerous. Trees that have fallen or are about to fall. Trees that are diseased and have to be felled, Phytophthora ramorum (P. ramorum) is a prime example, where the timber is still usable.

Since we are one of the few milling companies on the North West coast of Scotland there are more than sufficient trees locally to meet our requirements without importing from further afield. Hard woods are a different matter with little imagination applied to what they can be used for and how that is achieved.