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News update on Communication at yard

Contact details update.

New IP phone system

Woodworkz has installed a new IP phone system. It has lots of flashing lights, bells and whistles

Douglas Fir Extraction Part 2

Douglas Fir - The Extraction

Douglas Fir Extraction Part 1

Douglas Fir Extraction (Part 1 - the site visit)

Ash from the kiln.

We have just removed approximately 4.5m3 of gorgeous Ash from the kiln and nearly 0.5m3 disappeared in the process. The lucky customer was there when the doors opened and had prime picks of the timber. The largest pieces are around 5.3m long 600mm plus wide and 57mm thick and the best part there is some Olive Ash in the boards and would make idea counter tops or table tops. There is also various thicknesses, suitable to make a very special staircase. The timber came from a wind blown tree on the Ostaig House Estate on the Isle of Skye.