Woodworkz has installed a new IP phone system. It has lots of flashing lights, bells and whistles

As you all know Stuart and Neville spend a lot of time away from the offices and yard. The new system will incorporate a new extension in the yard office (Hobbit House) - this is waiting for Openreach to reach (or find) our yard and will also give email and internet access here.

The main difference is that there  is a new number for

WOODWORKZ- 01520 722050. 

Once you ring this number, if it is not answered immediately it will transfer directly to Stuart's and Neville's mobile as well as the Hobbit House (when installed). So hopefully we will always be in contact (or as well as the mobile system in the Highlands works).

The internet access in the yard will also permit new customers to log into their banks and pay directly before leaving there yard. However, most probably the best advancement will be when the new kiln is installed we will be able to remote access the system and control it from afar. With 24/7 monitoring and data logging, it will make for a more secure drying of timber and also a quicker turn round on each load.

Our old number (01520 722568) will still ring through to Stuart's house/office and then if unanswered go to his mobile. So hopefully we will have every base covered.

Currently unrated