We have, through December, undertaken an extraction of a large amount of Wych Elm from the Brahan Estate near Inverness. 

There's already some stock at Lochcarron awaiting milling and further logs to be transported back there. It is estimated that the boards will be milled and dried by the end of March or early April. We will keep you updated on the progress and post some photos of the boards (pre-drying).

In addition we are supplying a large amount of quarter sawn Oak to a customer from there Smithton extraction. There has also been a further delivery of Oak from Invergordon that has been partially milled and is Air Drying at the present time (will be dried after the Elm has been removed). There is a lot of pip, cat's paw and beautiful grain pattern in what we have so far processed. Ideal for show-pice furniture pieces. If you have any preferences about particular sizes, please email us at info@woodworkz.co.uk with your requests.

Other things in the pipeline. We are in the process of gaining two very large orders. One for a large decked area and a further order for cladding (internally - kiln dried Spruce and externally - European Larch), flooring and vaulted ceilings, all doors and second fixings including a complete kitchen (kiln dried Beech), bookcase, wardrobes and dressers. This is for a 2 bedroom 'Annexe' build in the summer. Progress photos will be submitted during and on completion of the build.

Currently unrated