Contact details update.

We are about to get online at the Yard in Lochcarron. We will be able to go on the internet and I know everyone will enjoy this part, we in the near future be able to raise your invoice there and then, email it to you, give you are bank details and yes the really best bit is, if you log into your bank through our router you can pay before you leave the site. We still won't be taking card payment, it is just too expensive and full of paperwork to protect you details.

Once you have paid the first invoice we will set you up an account that will permit you a strictly operated 14 day account.

There will also be an Ip Phone there with a number of 01520 722050. When this is finally sorted out if no one is present in the yard it will be diverted through to Stuart and Neville's IP phones and mobile phones. Or just ring us on the mobile phone numbers Stuart: 07831 091526 and Neville 07825 986513. Emails and

Adam our Yard Manager can be contacted through email at, if he is milling or driving the tele truck he won't hear his mobile ringing. You can also leave a message on the IP Phone (01520 722050).

It is all our uplifting of Woodworkz into the 21st century, more details as they happen.

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