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News Update: 05 December 2018

Our new web site will hopefully be fully launched in the New Year. It will be fully responsive across all platforms - laptop, tablet, phone. There will be a full list of timber available with the locations of the origin of each log shown - this will enable us to provenance each board that leaves our yard. Eventually we hope to have a full timber ID system in place to enhance this. There will also be other 'little' extras and a back office that will enable easy updates of stock, not only kiln dried, but also air-drying stock and logs.

We have taken delivery of 25 tonnes of very good quality European larch from Dornoch.

Those of you that have bought timber recently will notice that we have updated our financing system, including the invoicing. This will make keeping track of your orders and purchases more definite. Payment can still be made using internet banking although we are looking at the different options of card payment.

There have been a couple of minor hiccups where the system sent out payment reminders very quickly. We apologise for that (the right buttons were not pressed when raising the invoice (office worker error - actually Neville!!). He has been told he must do better, given 100 lines and no glass of vino before Christmas.

Talking of which we will publish our opening hours for the festive period over the next couple of weeks.

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