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Woodworkz Update 2022 and Unimog Sale

Mar 9, 2022

Hello from Lochcarron!

Over the last two years some changes to Woodworkz have taken place, in some respects not immediately because of the Covid pandemic. There has been a reduction of the work force which has left me as sole operative, but with occasional specialist assistance.

Since November 2020 up to November 2021 the production has been of Larch and Douglas Fir only, driven by incredible demand for decking, cladding and even bridges. Stocks of hardwoods in the dry store have reduced but no kiln drying has been undertaken due to concentration on infrastructural aspects of the yard. The aim is to improve it to a state where half of the area is concreted, build multiple drying sheds and get as much as possible under cover.

In April 2021 I received the Lauber kiln from Germany which, due to Brexit, took 5 months to arrive. This is a DIY kiln of a high-tech nature which incorporates multiple sensors throughout the stack, mist injection to keep full control of the internal environment and all is computer controlled. Drying times will be greatly reduced and quality of boards improved reliably. “Kiln drying to order” becomes a possibility.

To move forward the yard is being cleared to continue with groundworks. Land drains have been installed and the whole yard is now a virtually mud-free site.
The next stage will be improvements to the dust extraction system and further clearance and laying of strips for the drying sheds and the new kiln. This will be housed in a 20ft “High-cube” container with double side-opening doors which will allow a rapid change of stock on pallets.


Unimog For Sale

The Unimog and trailer are on sale and include a 5te grapple and installed extras with the full workshop manual as well. For more details on the Unimog, contact us. The reason for selling it is simply lack of use with a significant stack of hardwoods to mill and concentration on milling and further development of the separate workshop.



Unimog loading beech

The workshop is being improved to offer a machining service as an addition to selling furniture or “second-fixing” timbers. Any moulding can be reproduced apart from basic planning and thicknessing. This is at my house west of the village.
I have in store a Woodmizer Edger machine – EG350 – also bought last year but dependant on the groundworks. This was primarily aimed at the production of the softwood market which is to some extent in disarray due to the price increases of Larch and Douglas. Woodworkz may continue sourcing these timbers but will concentrate on hardwood production. The Edger is for sale. Note the price increase in the last year and that this machine is not just unused but unwrapped and in good storage.
The Timberking 2200 mill continues to produce significant timber stock and is currently having a detailed maintenance session to ensure it continues to do so.

To previous customers especially note that Woodworkz now uses Zoho accounting software and will very soon use their Inventory software too. More on that as the new web site develops.

Stuart Macleod